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Painting Contractors Golden Valley

Painting Contractors near Golden Valley

Painting Contractors Golden ValleyBeing successful painting contractors near Golden Valley and the greater Twin Cities metroplex, an unending list of home and business owners alike have reaped the rewards of our years of experience in the form of exterior and/or interior painting. If you need your sunroom painted, call us! That dull white 50 year-old, chipping away paint job on your houses exterior—done. Even your factory! Our painting contractors will paint them all!

A free estimate on our painting services will let you know just how much you will need to save. We will gladly help you select the best paint color and answer any questions you have about our company, the services we provide and your painting needs.

Working with our painting contractors is pain-free. We handle all of the dirty work associated with painting your home or business. We get those walls ready for painting, we clean up our work site real well once the work is complete. Our attention to detail, our level of commitment to your project is undeniable.

We will leave your home or business’ exterior or interior looking its very finest. Our painting contractors will meet or exceed your expectations—customer satisfaction and happiness are our very top priorities.

Quite simply, we want you to be a lifelong customer, keeping you coming back to us every single time you need painting contractors for home improvement or commercial painting work.

Professional Painting Contractors

From the moment of your initial call until we visit to inspect our work once the project is completed, you will be only too pleased that you hired our painting contractors. We pay very close attention to the details of every job we work on, and we make sure all of our workers have the right tools and know-how to get the job done. Be sure to stop by our gallery to take a look at the jobs we have completed.

In every job we do, we follow the same basic steps:

  • Preparing the walls for paint by washing, scraping and applying primer to them.
  • Applying as many coats of paint necessary to ensure even coverage.
  • We look at all walls to ensure we did not miss any spots, ensure the paint was applied evenly.
  • We invite you to come and take a look. This is your chance to let us know what you think and to let us know if you notice any spots that need touching up.

Call us to learn more and to get on our schedule!

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