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Our Warranty

Our Warranty on Painting Services

Interior & Exterior Painting in the Twin Cities

DuraPro Painting offers a 3-year warranty, which allows a total of two touch-ups from the initial completion of the painting project.

We work hard every day to find the best solutions to even the most demanding commercial painting and residential painting projects. We use top-quality paints and finishes, so we can guarantee durability throughout the seasons.

There are several variables that can affect a professional painting project, some of which are out of our control. These include outdated roofs, leaks, faulty gutters, ice damage and back up, shady areas, landscaping that is too close to the house, water damage, etc. Our team of professional painters will inform you of any of these things prior to starting the project or upon finding them during the project.

Additional Warranty Information

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DuraPro Painting offers a 3 year warranty
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