Why You Should Hire Professional Painters to Paint Your Home’s Exterior this Spring

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Does your home’s exterior need a fresh coat of paint? As we’ve recently covered, spring is the perfect time to get your exterior home painting project completed. In communities like Excelsior, exterior house painting is a popular home improvement project this time of year. But, is it better to DIY or hire the professionals for? Exterior paintwork is difficult for a number of reasons, not least among them the cost of the tools and materials you will need. It is very important to hire the professionals to paint the exterior of your home in order to ensure a job well done and a professional finish. Here are a few more about the reasons why you should hire professionals for your exterior house painting this spring:exterior house painting

For one, there is a large amount of preparation that needs to go into an exterior house painting job. It is important to make sure all of your structures are covered, including windows, doors, flowerbeds, sheds and more. Exterior walls also need a complete cleaning before you begin painting. Our exterior house painting professionals will take care of all of this before beginning to paint.

Weather is another enemy of the DIY exterior house painter. The professionals can take care of all the prep work in a much shorter time, ensuring that deadlines for the project are met.

And, when it comes to exterior house painting, you will need a large number of additional tools compared to interior house painting. Some of them include:

  • Ladders
  • Paint brushes
  • Sprayers & rollers
  • Putty knife
  • Buckets
  • Drop cloths
  • Pressure washer
  • Paint
  • And more

At Durapro Painting we have all of the tools necessary to get your exterior house painting job done right. Our professional painting company will come with tools in hand, so you won’t need to worry about spending the money on tools you may never use again.

The shape of your home and the type of brickwork is another consideration when performing exterior house painting. Both time and technique are impacted by these factors, so it’s difficult for a DIYer to get a professional finish necessary to make a home looks its best.

And, these are just some of the reasons you should hire professionals for your exterior house painting project this spring! Would you like to to hire exterior house painting professionals for your Excelsior home? Contact us today by calling 612-442-2177 or Request a Free Estimate.