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The United Colors of Your Home’s Exterior

The United Colors of Your Home’s Exterior

Published Date: July 11th, 2016 | Category: Exterior Painting

It has been more than established that the outside of your house is long overdue for a paint job. The most important decision you can make regarding your home’s aesthetic appeal is the color or colors (there is house, but on this house is also trim). Let the professionals at DuraPro Painting help with your exterior house painting Maple Grove and neighboring areas. We can most certainly assist in helping you choose the proper colors to implement on your home based on the palette on display in your neighborhood.

Go outside and take a peek at what your neighbor’s have going on. Think in terms of color scheme and how your home fits within the houses, color-wise. The color(s) you go with should indeed blend in with the rest of them. Your house will complement the existing color scheme established nearby. Look at your own home. Anything unique that you may wish to showcase? What style of home do you have? Traditional? Choose a traditional color. Is there anything on or around the home of note? Stained-glass windows? Fancy stone work? Complement that which already exists on your property. Enhance it with an exterior house painting.

Observe the natural landscape that your home is placed in. If you live in a tree-lined neighborhood, utilize the colors found in and among those trees to find your hue. Maybe it is just the opposite; you may have the only big maple tree or weeping willow on the whole block right smack dab in your front lawn. Perhaps you live along a canal or have a stream running through your lawn. Find inspiration from the colors of the water.

What does your home look like throughout the day? Observe it during the morning, afternoon, twilight and evening hours to get an idea of how it appears throughout the day. It can help you plot a color scheme you have not thought of before or act as a clincher on color(s) you have already chosen.

As a last step in the color selection process, make sure your new house colors blend in with the other elements of your home, such as driveway, walkway and any landscaping you have. If you choose a color that clashes, you might have to change the color of these other elements, and that could end up being a huge hassle and expense.

So when you need an exterior home painting company for your Maple Grove area home, contact us or call at (612) 701-6552 . You may also request a Free Estimate.

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