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The Importance of Choosing the Right Paint Color

The Importance of Choosing the Right Paint Color

Published Date: April 20th, 2015 | Category: Painting Tips

When you are having your home’s interior painted, choosing the right color is imperative. Color sets a room’s tone and mood, and you can encourage people to feel certain emotions depending on the color you choose. As professional painters in Roseville, we help homeowners like you with their painting projects, and we have learned a few things about color over the years. Here is a brief rundown of the most common colors we use and how they can influence your mood.


Think of the color yellow. What does it bring to mind? Sunshine, the outdoors, brightness and optimism are all things associated with this cheerful color. Our professional painters use this color a lot in common areas of a home, like kitchens and living rooms. A muted yellow color is still cheerful but more soothing than a brighter shade of yellow. A pale yellow can make a smaller room feel larger. Yellow comes in a huge variety of shades, so it is easy to find the perfect shade to set the tone you want.


Green tends to bring to mind the great outdoors. It promotes feelings of relaxation and comfort, and it can also bring about feelings of growth and renewal. Like yellow, it comes in a huge selection of different shades. You can choose a light green to give your bathroom a crisp and clean look, or you can choose a slightly darker shade for your living room.


Blue is an excellent choice for bedrooms, and our professional painters use this color frequently for living rooms. It works well in rooms where you want to promote feelings of relaxation. Plus, blue is a classic paint color. You can combine blue with green for a calming effect or with yellow for a more energetic effect.


A more neutral shade, brown can promote relaxation as well. It brings to mind the outdoors and nature, and you can use different colors to highlight and accent any shade of brown you can choose. So you might have our professional painters paint the wall a shade of light brown and then you can use different brightly colored decorations to make the room pop.

We hope you learned a few things about color and how it can enhance your home’s decor and the mood you want to set!

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