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Spring is the Perfect Time for Exterior House Painting

Spring is the Perfect Time for Exterior House Painting

Published Date: March 24th, 2014 | Category: Exterior Painting

Does your home need a fresh coat of paint? Spring is the perfect time to get your exterior home painting project completed. In communities like Brooklyn Park, exterior house painting is best done in the spring due to a variety of factors. We’ll review with you some of those reasons, and hopefully by the end you’ll be ready to schedule your appointment!

Clean, Fresh Look

After winter, your home can look dull and dingy due to the grime of winter. This can be especially bad if you live right by a road. If you’re planning on having your home power-washed, you should take the opportunity to get a new coat of paint instead. You’ll be able to liven up the feel of your home with a clean, fresh look. Peel away the dirt of many winters by having an exterior house painting job completed.

Right Temperature

Spring provides the perfect temperatures to have an exterior house painting project done. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, are not ideal to paint in. It’s hard for the paint to adhere and dry properly. The moderate temperatures of spring are ideal for paint application. It’s also preferable for our painting contractors. Spring is a comfortable time of year to be outdoors when you have to be.

Get Other Projects Done

If you complete your exterior house painting project now, you’ll be able to move on to other projects as the year unfolds. If you’re planning on having any landscaping work done, it is advisable to have your house painted beforehand. This will ensure your plants aren’t in the way when your painting job is completed.

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