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Professional Painting Contractors St Paul | Home & Business

Professional Painting Contractors St Paul

No job is too big or too small! We are professional painting contractors serving St Paul and the surrounding areas, and we can help residential and commercial customers. We do interiors and exteriors. We can paint your entire home or business or just one room. No matter what your painting needs are, our painting contractors can help.

When our professional painting contractors come to your home or business, they will always follow our Five-Step Approach.

Professional Painting Contractors: Five-Step Approach

No matter what size painting job, we always use the same five-step approach to making sure we do the job right the first time. We always want to meet or exceed your expectations.

Step One: We will protect your flooring or furniture if it is an interior painting job. This means laying down floor and furniture coverings. And if it is an exterior job, this is when we clean the dirt and grime off of the side of your home or business. This includes power washing, hand washing or a combination of the two.

Step Two: Regardless of it is an interior or exterior painting job, we take the time to scrap off any loose paint and sand rough surfaces. We will patch any holes in interior walls, caulk gaps and seal stains.

Step Three: Our professional painting contractors will prime the walls to ensure the paint goes on smoothly and adheres properly to the surface. Then we will begin to apply the paint and make sure it goes on evenly.

Step Four: We clean up our work area and leave it looking the way it was when we came in. And if this is an exterior painting job, we clean up our work area every day before we leave (since exterior painting jobs usually take a few days to complete).

Step Five: We then inspect our painting job to ensure it was done properly, and then we ask you to come and inspect it as well. That way, we know we did the job according to your expectations.

St Paul Professional Painting Contractors

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