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Professional Painting Contractors Maple Grove

Professional Painting Contractors Maple Grove

professional painters Maple Grove DuraPro paintingDo you have a painting project that needs to be done at your home or business? Many people feel they should be able to handle these projects themselves. After all, it’s not that hard to paint, right? Well, it’s not, but for a quality paint job it does require some expertise, good tools and time. If you have these, then by all means, go ahead. If not, you can call on experts to complete your paint project for you.

We are professional painting contractors for Maple Grove and surrounding areas. If you have a project you need completed, call on DuraPro Painting. We have the experience, tools and supplies needed for a professional job. We work on both residential and commercial projects as well as both interior and exterior jobs. Whatever you need painted, we can handle it!

Reasons to Hire Professional Painters

Painting projects often seem simple from the start. However, there is more involved than what often meets the eye. The largest part of any painting project is the preparation. Whether interior or exterior, the area to paint first needs to be cleaned and prepped. This may involve scraping, sanding, power washing and minor repairs. The area where you are painting may need other prep work such as moving furniture, covering floors and taping.

Once the area is prepped, it often needs to be primed by painting with a quality primer. This allows the paint to adhere to the surface for a smooth finish. After priming, the actual painting can begin! Depending on the project, typically two coats need to be applied. Sometimes, one coat with a good primer coat is enough for a quality finish. The paint needs time to dry thoroughly between coats as well. A final inspection is a good idea to check for any missed spots or accidents that need cleaning up.

Our professional painting contractors do this job day in and day out. We have ladders, quality brushes and other materials needed for each job. By hiring professionals, you don’t need to worry about purchasing these extras. Plus, you can trust we will complete the job in a timely manner. We ask customers to inspect our finished work to make sure they are fully satisfied. We even offer a three-year warranty on our work. Our professional painters can handle jobs both big and small.

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If you need to get your home or commercial business painted, save your precious time and hire the experts. The professional painting contractors from DuraPro Painting will get your Maple Grove project done in no time! You can call us at (612) 701-6552 or fill out our form for a free estimate.


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