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Prep Your Home for the Arrival of Professional Painters

Prep Your Home for the Arrival of Professional Painters

Published Date: October 17th, 2016 | Category: Painting Tips

Calling on professional painters for your Maple Grove or surrounding areas home, those like DuraPro, is an easy process. Professional painters can carry out your home or commercial business property painting project in an incredibly quick and efficient manner. Keep your focus a few specific things to help guarantee the painting process is as smooth those new walls will be. Your home or office will thank you.

Prepare for our professional painters by following these tips:

 The Potential for Damage

Always aiming to avoid damaging anything within a home or office, our professional painters are incredibly careful. From time to time mishaps do occur. Pack up, relocate or protect any breakables—especially those near or on the pathway of the area they will be working. As per potential damage to landscaping efforts, make sure any manicured bits of it are covered so as to prevent paint spillage onto plants and/or otherwise cause harm. DuraPro will gladly cover all of these items for you, but you do have the option in advance.

 Inform all Relevant Parties

Once you know when our commercial painting contractors will be coming out to complete the project, make sure employees and family are informed. Why not post a sign at your business front doors to make your customers also aware that professional painters will be working. That way, everyone is more than aware of what is going on and when. On a home project, be sure that pets and children are aware of the goings-on. If possible, keep pets away from general areas in which work is to be done.


We do discuss your home or commercial painting project with you at length before we begin our work. Please make sure the colors you want are finalized before our professional painters arrive. This includes paint colors for trim and other parts of your home or building’s exterior—all possible colors you may want to be implemented in any way.


If you have any particular area in which you would like our painting professionals to park our work van, please let us know. Make sure there are zero obstacles between where we park and where we will be working. Our team of professional painters will have equipment that they will need to carry back and forth between the job site and their work truck. A clear path will make this easier and could help your painting project go a bit faster.

Our team knows how to work carefully but efficiently to make sure we do not disrupt your business or family-life any more than we have to. With a little help from you, those disruptions will be kept to a minimum and we will have all exteriors and interiors looking as good as new in no time!

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