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Painting Company Minneapolis

Painting Company Minneapolis

durapro painting company bloomingtonDurapro Painting is a painting company serving Minneapolis and adjacent corridors. Working in both commercial and residential settings, we assist customers in ensuring all painting needs are met. Whether it is a single room, your entire house, company breakroom or anything in between, we have got you squared away!

Working with us is very simple and trouble-free. Our professional painting company offers top-tier services at competitive, fair and reasonable prices. Call us, and we can give you a free estimate on how much you should anticipate to pay for our painting services.

Our team of professional painters will come to your business or home and get it looking sharp. Finer details are our focus, we catch what other painting companies overlook. We take the time to appropriately tape off and paint the trim. We can even paint ceilings and other hard to reach places! We offer a three year warranty on our exterior and interior painting jobs, which includes two touch-ups, if needed.

Call our painting company today to set-up your appointment! We will be happy to answer any questions you have, putting you on our painting schedule as soon as possible.

Working with Our Painting Company

When you book your appointment with Durapro painting company, we will come to your home or business and methodically tackle all of your painting projects.

We start our process by moving furniture or any other items moved away from the walls. These will subsequently be covered, in addition to your floors and carpeting, with drop cloths.

We then clean the walls, sand off any old paint, as needed. A coat of primer will be applied if deemed necessary. Following these tasks, we apply as many coats of paint as is proper to ensure your walls look their best.

Always careful to clean up after ourselves, if your project takes more than one day to complete, we will cautiously store our tools or take them with us so you do not have to worry about their presence.

Once the job is completed, we will ask you to inspect our work to ensure it meets your standards of excellence. We will also help you move any furniture back to its rightful location, should you seek that help.

Be sure to take a look at our gallery to see some of the work we have completed.

Hire Our Painting Company

For more information on our painting company serving Minneapolis and the surrounding areas, call Durapro
Painting company at (612) 701-6552 , or you can contact us for a Free Estimate.