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Painting Company Edina

Painting Company Edina

Professional Painters Brooklyn CenterDo you need painting done in Edina? You need to find a painting company you can trust. Although painting seems to be a simple project and one many people do themselves, it does need to be done right in order to look good and last. For a professional painting company in Edina, you can call on DuraPro Painting.

Whether you don’t have the time to tackle a painting job yourself or you just prefer to trust the professionals for a quality job, make sure you find a painting company you can rely on. Some painting companies will promise a good job but then don’t follow through or warranty their work.

At DuraPro, our goal is to have satisfied customers. We want you to be happy with the quality, service and price of our work. To back up our work, we offer a three-year warranty that allows for two touch-ups from the initial completion of the painting project. We do both residential and commercial projects and provide interior and exterior painting.

Aspects of a Quality Paint Job

When having the interior or exterior of your home or business painted, there are several factors that determine if the paint job will turn out well and last, or if it will be peeling within a year’s time. Here are some factors that our team at DuraPro follows, and any painting company or do-it-yourselfer should as well, to get a quality outcome.

  • Prep time – This can be the biggest difference between a DIY and professional project. Homeowners want to jump into the painting, but professionals spend the majority of their time on prep work. By properly cleaning the walls, scraping off peeling or cracking paint, applying painter’s tape carefully and patching any holes before applying the new paint, the finished product will look much better and last much longer.
  • Quality materials – To get a quality job, you need to use quality paint and brushes. Going cheap in this area can hurt you in the long run.
  • Priming – This is another important step in an overall paint job. Primer covers flaws in the surface and provides a smooth, long-lasting finish. This is especially important if you are covering a surface that has not been painted before.
  • Painting order – It’s always best to paint from the top down. For an interior job, this means starting near the ceiling and working toward the floor. Outside this means starting at the top of the house and working your way down. This allows for the smoothest finish and allows you to catch any drips as you work.
  • Proper cleanup – At the end of the day, properly sealing paint in the can and cleaning brushes is necessary so everything is still usable the next day. Paint brushes should be washed thoroughly with water and dish detergent then wrapped in airtight plastic wrap or aluminum foil. You can store them in their original packaging so they will hold their shape.

Hiring an Edina Painting Company

If you are ready to hire the professionals for a painting project in Edina, give DuraPro Painting a call. We provide free estimates and will make sure you get a finished look you can be proud of. Call our painting company today at (612) 701-6552 or Request a Free Estimate.

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