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Is Painting on Your Spring To-Do List?

Is Painting on Your Spring To-Do List?

Fresh paint is one of the best ways to completely change the overall look of your home. So, if you’re looking to update and renovate this spring or summer, then house painting should most definitely be on your to-do list. Get started today, planning and scheduling your upcoming painting project with the experts here at Durapro Painting! We are the trusted painting contractors for Chanhassen and the surrounding areas; so contact us and we can help you get started. Until then, here are some things to consider when planning your painting project this season:

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Late April and May might offer a hint of the warm weather to come, but now is really a great time to plan your painting project. Since most exterior paint requires an ambient temperature of about 50 degrees, late spring offers a more dependable time to paint. Improved paint technology allows you to push it, but in Northern states like Minnesota, it is recommended to wait until warmer weather really settles in.

It is also recommended to avoid painting after a heavy rain. Paint should only applied to a dry surface. Your painting surface can become moist either by direct contact from rain or snow or by humidity in the air. After a hard rain, it is recommended to wait at least a full day before painting. As you may know, moisture can bring mold.

Preparation & Color Choice

Go out and take a look at your house and get a feel for your home’s style. If it is more traditional looking, then you probably want to stick with traditional colors for your exterior house painting. Do you live in a unique Victorian? Opt for a little character with a splash of color or contrasting trim. Our experts painting contractors can even help advise you and help you select the right paint color for your unique home.

And, if you are having other work done to your home at the same time your exterior house painting is scheduled, let us know. We will try to be sure we are there when it is most convenient for you. We want to ensure we don’t disrupt any more of your normal routine than what’s absolutely necessary.

Don’t worry about the prep; we can take care of that too! We consider most of our exterior projects to be 70% preparation and 30% painting. We take the prep work for any of our exterior house painting projects very seriously so that there is no guess work or complications. Our painting contractors will generally hand wash or power wash or do a combination of both. We always want to start with a clean surface. This will help ensure that the paint goes on smoothly and evenly and that the dirt doesn’t cause the paint to discolor or look dirty after it’s been applied.

So, when you’re ready to plan your upcoming exterior or interior painting project, contact our painting contractors and we can begin the planning process! Are you interested in getting more information about our painting contractors serving the Chanhassen area? Call us at Durapro Painting at (612) 701-6552 , or you can contact us to set up your Free Estimate.