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Interior House Painting Plymouth

Interior House Painting Plymouth

Are you ready to refresh the look of your home? The interior of your home is a great place to start! Interior house painting in Plymouth can reset your home, allowing you to completely redesign or simply update colors. Here at DuraPro Painting, we provide trustworthy and professional painting so that your home will look its very best.

When deciding to apply a new color of paint to your home, it may be tempting to go the DIY route – however, painting is often more work than you’d think. From laying down protective coverings for the floor to moving furniture, taping and edging to finally painting multiple coats and touching up any runs or drips – there is a lot of work behind the scenes to get you an even paint job that you will be proud of for years.

Whether you want to avoid the time commitment and jump right to hiring a professional who is guaranteed to do quality work, or if you started down the DIY route and wish you had hired a professional from the start, DuraPro Painting can help. We can come in and complete a paint job from scratch or we can fix a DIY gone wrong, without judgment.

No matter the size of your job, whether you want one room done or the entire home repainted on the inside, our interior house painting professionals can handle the job. We bring decades of experience to every job and strive to make sure you are as proud of our work as we are.

Give us a call today to learn more about our interior house painting services. And while you have us on the phone, be sure to ask about a free estimate!

Our Interior House Painting Process

First, we will start by making sure the room is ready. Any furniture that hasn’t been moved will need to be moved to the middle of the room or to another room that will not be painted at this time. If there’s anything that can’t be moved, we will make sure that it is fully covered and protected.

Then, we start prepping the walls. We will patch any holes and clean the walls to make sure that no dirt is trapped under your new layers of paint. Before we even touch a paintbrush, we will make sure that your floors are covered and that any taping necessary is done.

Once your walls are ready, we will then apply primer if necessary. Our expert painters know how much primer, if any, is required to make sure you are happy with your new paint.

Next, we begin painting! We will use the color of your choice to update the interior of your home. Each coat will be applied evenly, and we will apply as many coats as necessary to get you the results you desire.

Finally, we will clean up. Your furniture can be moved back into place, and we will clean up any drop cloths or tape we’ve placed to keep your space clean.

And of course, like every job we do, we will give you a chance to inspect before we leave. We want to be sure that you are happy with the work before we even consider calling the job done.

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