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Interior House Painting Edina

Interior House Painting Edina

Interior House Painting MinnetonkaGiving the rooms in your Edina home a new look is as simple as choosing interior house paint and the assorted supplies needed – and then spending time moving furniture, putting down a protective covering for the floor, taping, edging and painting.

Hmm…if that sounds just a bit overwhelming then you are not alone! For many Edina homeowners, just the thought of spending the weekend working on interior house painting sounds like punishment. Sure, they will appreciate the finished project and will enjoy re-decorating the space to match the new color scheme, but just the thought of painting is often the biggest obstacle!

If you’d rather skip the work, you can call on DuraPro for interior house painting in Edina. However, if you are considering doing your own interior painting job, then there are some important elements to keep in mind.

Painting Mistakes to Avoid if Painting Your Edina Home’s Interior

If an interior painting project is on your agenda, then it is vital to avoid making these common interior painting mistakes:

  • Skipping the prep work – Take time to clean the walls, scrape off any peels or cracks, repair and putty any holes, and then carefully apply painters tape (not masking tape!) to any ledges or areas where you do not want paint.
  • Skimping on supplies – No matter how expensive your paint is, if you apply it with cheap rollers or brushes, it will still look bad. Good brushes and rollers will give better coverage and even stretch how far the paint will go. Plus, by purchasing high quality brushes, they will last for years.
  • Going without primer – Don’t skip this step! Priming the walls will give you a smoother, long lasting finish – especially if painting surfaces such as stucco, concrete or plaster. If the surface is in good shape, it is possible to use a tinted primer.
  • Dipping too deep – Never dip your brush more than a third of the way into the paint as that will push the paint deeper than necessary into the bristles making it hard to clean the brush, plus it only wastes the paint.
  • Painting aimlessly – Always start near the ceiling and work your way down to achieve a smooth finish.

Hire DuraPro for All Your Interior House Painting Needs

The DuraPro team understands that painting the rooms of your home can make for a busy, and perhaps stressful, time. So, if you are eager to have a new look for your home, but without the headache of getting all the right tools, plus giving up the time to do the job, then DuraPro is here to transform your home’s interior with updated painting. We will use the best quality tools and paint, and get the job done in no time at all, so you can go on with your life and enjoy the new look of your home.

For interior house painting in Edina, contact us today at (612) 701-6552 or Request a Free Estimate.

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