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How to Prepare for Our Commercial Painting Contractors

How to Prepare for Our Commercial Painting Contractors

Published Date: August 31st, 2015 | Category: Commercial Painting

A painting project at your commercial business can be a hectic time. You are probably going to keep your business open while the painters are there, but what can you do to mitigate any disruptions and keep them at a minimum? Preparing for our commercial painting contractors and a visit to your Eagan business is pretty simple. Here are a few suggestions on what to do.

paint brushes and rollers commercial painting contractors EaganKnow what colors you want

While we will discuss your commercial painting project with you at length before we begin our work, please make sure the colors you want us to use are finalized before our commercial painting contractors arrive to start their work. This includes paint colors for trim and other parts of your building’s exterior.

Give your employees a heads up in advance

As soon as you know when our commercial painting contractors will arrive to start the work, make sure your employees know. You might even consider posting a sign on your business’ front doors to make customers aware that commercial painting contractors will be there doing their work. That way, everyone is in the know about what is going on and when.

Move fragile items and cover up landscaping

While our commercial painting contractors always do their best to make sure nothing gets damaged while they are doing their work, accidents do happen. If you have any fragile items outdoors near where they will be working, make sure you relocate those items so nothing is accidentally broken. Landscaping should also be covered up to prevent paint from inadvertently dripping onto plants and causing harm.

Make sure we have clear access to where we will be painting

If you have a specific spot where we should park our work van, please let us know. And please make sure there are no obstacles between where we park and where we will be working. Our team of professional commercial painting contractors will have equipment that they will need to carry back and forth between the job site and their work truck. A clear path will make this easier and could help your painting project go a bit faster.


Our team knows how to work carefully but efficiently to make sure we do not disrupt your business any more than we have to. With a little help from you, those disruptions will be kept to a minimum and we will have your business’ exterior looking as good as new in no time!

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