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How to Prepare for an Interior House Painting Project

How to Prepare for an Interior House Painting Project

Interior house painting professionals in Burnsville like the ones at Durapro know the best way to prepare walls for a new paint job. Read on to learn more about how we handle interior house painting projects, then give us a call to learn more about how we can help you!

  • Take the time to remove all furniture from the room (if possible). Even if items are a bit on the heavy side, it will make your interior house painting project easier.
  • Dust and clean all of the walls. Use a broom and a soft cloth. Make sure you wear old clothes and safety goggles to make sure your eyes are protected. When you hire Durapro for our professional interior house painting services, we will take care of this messy task before we begin painting!
  • Using a paint scraper, scrap away any old paint. You can smooth away small imperfections with sandpaper. Durapro knows how to tackle this task when we are preparing your home’s walls for painting.
  • Before we begin any primering or painting job, we make sure to cover the entire floor with a clean drop cloth. That way, your carpeting or flooring is protected from paint drips and splatters.
  • A high quality primer is the best way to hide other imperfections in the wall. We use only the best quality materials when we paint your home, and we feel this attention to detail shines through when you see the end results of your interior house painting project!
  • The primer should be applied evenly. Experts like us know how to do this quickly and efficiently to ensure all of your walls get even coverage.
  • When painting the walls, be sure to apply it evenly as well. And make sure you apply as many coats as it takes to make sure the color is even as possible. This takes a lot of patience and attention to detail, which is another reason you should hire the pros here at Durapro.
  • When it is time for the paint to dry, we will open the windows if the weather permits (if it is not too cold or too humid). Otherwise, the paint will dry on its own or with the help of a few fans.

Do you want more information about our interior house painting services in Burnsville? Call us at Durapro Painting at (612) 701-6552 or you can contact us and get a Free Estimate.