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How to Pick the Right Paint Color

How to Pick the Right Paint Color

Published Date: October 16th, 2015 | Category: Exterior Painting

professional painters Maple Grove DuraPro paintingWhen you are about to hire professional painters to paint your home, you might be wondering how you can be sure you pick the perfect color. Sometimes, what the paint looks like in its can or on paint swatches is not what it will look like when applied to your wall. As professional painters serving Golden Valley, we have helped many homeowners figure out the best colors for their home. Here are a few things you can try when determining what color you want the inside or outside of your home painted.

A room’s lighting, the angles where the walls meet the floor or ceiling and even the size of the room itself can all affect what paint looks like when it is applied to the walls. For example, during the morning hours when the sun’s earliest rays light up the walls, the paint might look brighter than in the evening. Natural light can also make the paint look like it is a different color than artificial light.

The best way to figure out what the paint will look like is by painting a moveable and repositionable surface. Try to find something that is a similar material and color as the walls you are trying to paint, and make the trim colors proportionate to the rest of the wall color. That way, you can see how the trim color matches up with the rest of the walls and the trim color will not overwhelm or drown out the main wall color.

The paint that you use for this test should be the same paint you want your professional painters to use. The finish should match up too: so if you intend on using a matte finish on your walls, the test paint should also be a matte finish.

You can also use this idea for the exterior walls of your home. Get a sample surface, paint it the same colors that you want your exterior walls and trim to be and leave it somewhere that you can note what it looks like throughout the day. You can easily re-position it if you need to, and you should be able to determine whether or not you like those colors. Professional painters like us can also give you advice to help you come up with your final decision.

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