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Bring Your Home into the 2020’s with Interior House Painting

Bring Your Home into the 2020’s with Interior House Painting

Published Date: January 20th, 2020 | Category: Interior Painting

It’s a new decade! Is your home’s décor up to date? The best and easiest place to start is the paint. As the choice name in interior house painting for Eden Prairie and the surrounding areas, we have put together some of the biggest trends in interior paint that will make a huge impact on your home’s overall look and feel. 

Could your kitchen and dining room use a new color scheme? Now is the time to make it happen! We can help you create a professional, fresh new look for your home’s interior. Here are some of the biggest trends we’re seeing for 2020 that can help you reinvent your interior space:

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Earthy Neutrals & Warm Pastels

The past few years, we’ve seen pastels being hugely popular. But now, many interior designers as well as homeowners are gravitating towards pastels with added warmth and earthy undertones. For overall color palettes, we’ve been seeing a mix of both spring and autumn-inspired colors. 

Bold Primaries

Bold primary-like colors like Cobalt Blue and Kelly Green bring big personality and elegance to a statement wall or even entire room. Make a monochromatic study with the same color paint extending to the ceiling for a truly unique finish.

Timeless Hues

It is always a good idea to go with timeless over trendy for any room in the home. People will always prefer more timeless neutrals like cream and grey. And, the warmer the better; warm neutrals and tones, in places of cool grays will be much more popular for colors this coming year. Some other timeless colors that have been unexpectedly popular recently include rich, moody greens and saturated blues.

Low VOC Paint

With a constant, ever-growing awareness of what we put in our home and in our bodies, low-VOC paint continues to grow in popularity for the 2020s. VOC stands for “volatile organic compounds.” In regards to paint, they are found in the solvent, which is what keeps the paint from drying when it is still in the can. When the paint is applied to walls or another surface, the VOCs evaporate into the air and the paint dries. You could save you and your family a lot of potential health issues if you buy paint that has little to no VOCs. And, low-VOC paint is comparable in price.

Cabinet Enameling

Cabinet painting or enameling has seen a huge boom in popularity the last for years and will likely continue far into the next decade. This is another great way to make your kitchen look virtually brand new before your guests arrive. Enameling is ideal for high use areas like kitchen cabinets. Combine cabinet enameling with a new paint color and you won’t believe it’s the same room!

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