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Issues with Drywall: Common Causes of Drywall Problems

Issues with Drywall: Common Causes of Drywall Problems

Published Date: October 16th, 2020 | Category: Interior Painting

Fall is a fantastic season for house painting and remodeling! It offers cool breezes for opening windows during renovation and is a prime time to make necessary changes before a cold winter spent indoors. Have you noticed holes, scuffs, dents, or water damage on the drywall of your house? Wondering how they got there? There are a number of ways drywall can get damaged, some of which you should know about before moving forward with a remodeling project. As the trusted name in drywall for Excelsior and the surrounding areas, we have put together a list of the most common damages to the drywall. And, when you need drywall, repair, replacement, or installation, don’t hesitate to give our experts a call! 

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Small Holes. Small holes can be caused by a number of things, like a door handle. You can avoid this from happening again by buying an adhesive backing plate for the wall. Just line it up with the doorknob or corner of the door and you’ll protect the drywall from future damage. If the damage has already occurred, it may be possible to use a compound to patch it up. You’ll need to paint it the same color as the wall so there is no trace of damage left behind. If you want a sleek professional finish for the room, then you should enlist professionals for proper drywall repair and painting.

Big Holes. Big holes happen, whether from moving furniture or other types of accidents. However, it got there, it may be necessary to call in the pros. When it comes to repairing a bigger hole in drywall, the damaged area will need to be cut out completely. Once that’s done new drywall must be inserted. It is imperative to make sure there aren’t any pipes or wires before the but is made and must be done with care and precision. Our drywall professionals at DuraPro Painting know exactly what to look for.

Popping Nails. Occasionally, if nails are not securely set in the center of the joist or stud, over time a nail may pop through the drywall. Don’t reach for the hammer and try to nail it back, as you can do further damage and the nail could eventually come out again. Instead, give us a call at DuraPro Painting and allow our experts to take care of it.

Water damage. If you suspect there is water damage caused by a broken water line then repairs must be made to the waterline as soon as possible. Once the water line has been fixed, making that your first priority, the next step is fixing the water damaged drywall. Fixing water damaged drywall is important not only for aesthetics but because the drywall is likely weakened and can even be dangerous to your health. Have the old drywall removed and replaced immediately so there’s no potential for mold growth.

Cracking. A little crack can turn into a big problem. Cracks in drywall can cause further more complex damage not only to the drywall but to the entire foundation of the house. Have any cracks repaired by trusted professionals who can pinpoint and repair the issue.

Do you have drywall that’s been damaged? Whether it’s cracked, has moisture damage or a large hole, we can fix it. We are professional, experienced and well trained, so you are sure to find just what you need when you call us.

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