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Spring Spruce Up: Exterior House Painting Season Has Arrived!

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March 20th marked the first day of spring. This not only means warmer weather, but a great time of year to consider sprucing up the home with a new coat of paint! At Durapro Painting, we provide professional exterior house painting for St Paul and surrounding neighborhoods. Homeowners have trusted Durapro Painting for all of their exterior and interior house painting needs for many years. We have an A+ rating on BBB (Better Business Bureau) and won a Super Service Award for Angie’s List 2016! We are not only experts in exterior and interior house painting, we also offer carpentry services. So, if your home needs more than just a new coat of paint, like if you have any rotten wood, we will be able to replace and fix that as well.

exterior house painting

We know how to make homes look great and add serious curb appeal. We also know how much work and preparation goes into an exterior house painting project. We consider most of our exterior projects to be 70% preparation and 30% painting. We take the prep work for any of our exterior house painting projects very seriously so that there is no guess work or complications. We want to ensure a smooth paint job for each and every one of our customers. And we know that good preparation will ensure not only great quality but a paint job that is long lasting.

Here are a few things you can do to prepare as well!

Choose Your Exterior Paint Color

Tips: Go out and take a look at your house. When was the last time you really looked at it for a while? Take note of any unique features to complement and allow yourself to get a feel for your home’s “personality.” If your home is more traditional looking, then you probably want to stick with traditional colors for your exterior house painting. Do you own a colonial or ranch? Consider more neutral colors. Do you live in a beautiful Victorian Tudor or Spanish Mediterranean? Opt for a little character with a splash of color or contrasting trim.

Preparing for Your Exterior House Painting

Tips: Make sure you have your paint colors finalized for your home and its trim. If you are having trouble deciding, you can contact the experts at Durapro for help.

And, if you are having other work done to your home at the same time your exterior house painting is scheduled, let us know. We will try to be sure we are there when it is most convenient for you. We want to ensure we don’t disrupt any more of your normal routine than what’s absolutely necessary. So, also be sure to let your painters know if there is a specific area to place painting equipment in order to avoid inadvertent damage to plants, landscaping or outdoor decorations.

Did you know we also have a three year warranty on our labor? Compare that to most painting companies offering just one to two years. So, let’s get started!

Are you interested in getting more information on exterior house painting in the St Paul area? Call us at Durapro Painting at 612-442-2177, or you can contact us to set up your Free Estimate.

Commercial Painting Services Make Your Image Pop

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Keeping your business looking its very best can be challenging. There are the brass tasks of daily operations that help build your reputation to the world you do business with, that which allows you to generate revenue. After all, it is the business of your business that allows you to get business in the first place.

What about the aesthetic? How about the physical brick and mortar of your property? What does their appearance, to the outside observer (be they neutral party, existing client or potential customer) say about your business? If your building exists independently—detached or even semi-detached—how does the way it currently looks affect your ability to gain business from those who are nearby? If your offices exist within a larger building within an industrial complex, or if you just have no real say on how the exterior of the property looks (even if not!)–what does how the interior looks say to the visitors who come in?

There are many ways that you can boost the visual presence of your company. One such way is by hiring a  commercial painting service for your St Paul or greater Twin Cities area business. Fresh coats of paint go a very long way in promoting the idea that you care about your business and that appearance and image matter. Painting the interior or exterior of your property is a set of organized tasks best left to professionals within the trade. Also, do you really want to waste time where you and yours can be generating actual revenue for your company by taking a few days out to conduct a massive paint job or jobs? Your workers painting instead of making cold calls or organizing data?     

Commercial painting crews, like those at Durapro Painting, come equipped with all of the obvious and proper tools of the trade, as well as knowledge on that for which they are being hired. A well-oiled machine, our commercial painting services have conducted myriad aesthetic boosts to businesses throughout the area. We know what we are doing.

We know how to prep walls and surfaces best for painting. We know how to paint, properly, to help your building look its best for as long as is possible. We take great care, providing drop cloths to cover any items or walking area from accruing paint spills. You may have holes in the walls on the exterior of your building that allow for critter access that you may be otherwise unaware of—we patch those holes. You may have layer upon layer of old paint on the interior office walls that require a little sanding and scraping. Leave these burdensome tasks to the commercial painting masters, like us.

Why not get those interior commercial painting projects completed in St Paul or the greater Twin Cities metroplex before the holidays? Call Durapro Painting at 612-442-2177 or contact us for a Free Estimate.


Prep Your Home for the Arrival of Professional Painters

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Calling on professional painters for your Maple Grove or surrounding areas home, those like Durapro, is an easy process. Professional painters can carry out your home or commercial business property painting project in an incredibly quick and efficient manner. Keep your focus a few specific things to help guarantee the painting process is as smooth those new walls will be. Your home or office will thank you.

Prepare for our professional painters by following these tips:

 The Potential for Damage

Always aiming to avoid damaging anything within a home or office, our professional painters are incredibly careful. From time to time mishaps do occur. Pack up, relocate or protect any breakables—especially those near or on the pathway of the area they will be working. As per potential damage to landscaping efforts, make sure any manicured bits of it are covered so as to prevent paint spillage onto plants and/or otherwise cause harm. Durapro will gladly cover all of these items for you, but you do have the option in advance.

 Inform all Relevant Parties

Once you know when our commercial painting contractors will be coming out to complete the project, make sure employees and family are informed. Why not post a sign at your business front doors to make your customers also aware that professional painters will be working. That way, everyone is more than aware of what is going on and when. On a home project, be sure that pets and children are aware of the goings-on. If possible, keep pets away from general areas in which work is to be done.


We do discuss your home or commercial painting project with you at length before we begin our work. Please make sure the colors you want are finalized before our professional painters arrive. This includes paint colors for trim and other parts of your home or building’s exterior—all possible colors you may want to be implemented in any way.


If you have any particular area in which you would like our painting professionals to park our work van, please let us know. Make sure there are zero obstacles between where we park and where we will be working. Our team of professional painters will have equipment that they will need to carry back and forth between the job site and their work truck. A clear path will make this easier and could help your painting project go a bit faster.

Our team knows how to work carefully but efficiently to make sure we do not disrupt your business or family-life any more than we have to. With a little help from you, those disruptions will be kept to a minimum and we will have all exteriors and interiors looking as good as new in no time!

Are you interested in learning more about professional painters near Maple Grove? Call Durapro Painting at 612-442-2177 or contact us for a Free Estimate.


Painting Contractors Get the Job Done Right

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A nice, fresh paint job can boost the spirits of any and all who regularly occupy your home or business. An exterior painting will heighten the aesthetic appeal, add resale value, even provide a positive boost to the structural stability of that house or company. Interior painting will create a fresh, new attitude within. There are so many reasons to call on painting contractors to carry out this type of work for you. Hiring painting contractors for your Eden Prairie home or business helps ensure that you have brought in the experience and skills needed to carry out projects efficiently and effectively.

Painting contractors eliminate the stress of painting projects. They are licensed, trained and insured to perform painting work on your home or business. You will be guided through the entire process of a painting project from beginning to end. You will be asked to review the work to make sure it meets your lofty standards of excellence. Once deemed worthy, you are good to go.

Another benefit provided by bringing in painting contractors is that they can spot decay or rotting in the structure of your home or business. If structural weaknesses are spotted upon inspection, significant impacts in the long term may emerge. You will want to have these issues with regard to your structure resolved before having the painting job completed.

Our painting contractors are hasty in their care for your home or business paint job. Here is what they do every time out:

  • Prepping your walls for painting via wash, scrape and application of primer (necessary).
  • Applying as many coats of paint as are required to guarantee complete coverage.
  • We eye up all walls to make sure that we did not miss any spots, ensure the paint was applied evenly.
  • Once the project is complete, you come and take a look—your opportunity to let us know what you think and to let us know if you notice any spots that need touching up.

Painting your home or business is an important process best handled by professional painting contractors. It gives home and business owners the opportunity to focus on other projects and spend time with their families, pursuing life, etc.

If you are debating whether or not to hire painting contractors for your Eden Prairie area business or home, contact us or call Durapro Painting at 612-442-2177.You may also request a Free Estimate.

The United Colors of Your Home’s Exterior

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It has been more than established that the outside of your house is long overdue for a paint job. The most important decision you can make regarding your home’s aesthetic appeal is the color or colors (there is house, but on this house is also trim). Let the professionals at Durapro Painting help with your exterior house painting Maple Grove and neighboring areas. We can most certainly assist in helping you choose the proper colors to implement on your home based on the palette on display in your neighborhood.

Go outside and take a peek at what your neighbor’s have going on. Think in terms of color scheme and how your home fits within the houses, color-wise. The color(s) you go with should indeed blend in with the rest of them. Your house will complement the existing color scheme established nearby. Look at your own home. Anything unique that you may wish to showcase? What style of home do you have? Traditional? Choose a traditional color. Is there anything on or around the home of note? Stained-glass windows? Fancy stone work? Complement that which already exists on your property. Enhance it with an exterior house painting.

Observe the natural landscape that your home is placed in. If you live in a tree-lined neighborhood, utilize the colors found in and among those trees to find your hue. Maybe it is just the opposite; you may have the only big maple tree or weeping willow on the whole block right smack dab in your front lawn. Perhaps you live along a canal or have a stream running through your lawn. Find inspiration from the colors of the water.

What does your home look like throughout the day? Observe it during the morning, afternoon, twilight and evening hours to get an idea of how it appears throughout the day. It can help you plot a color scheme you have not thought of before or act as a clincher on color(s) you have already chosen.

As a lest step in the color selection process, make sure your new house colors blend in with the other elements of your home, such as driveway, walkway and any landscaping you have. If you choose a color that clashes, you might have to change the color of these other elements, and that could end up being a huge hassle and expense.

So when you need an exterior home painting company for your Maple Grove area home, contact us or call at 612-442-2177. You may also request a Free Estimate.