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Benefits of Exterior House Painting

Benefits of Exterior House Painting

Published Date: May 31st, 2022 | Category: Exterior Painting

While there are a number of improvements that you can have done to increase the value of your home, exterior house painting in Plymouth is one of the most overlooked options. A fresh coat of paint on the outside of your home offers not only an aesthetic upgrade, but also adds functional advantages as well!

Here are a few benefits of updating your exterior house paint!

Better aesthetics

Since moving into your home, have your tastes changed? Whether the paint on the outside of your home was there when you moved in or you chose the color years ago – maybe it’s time for a refresh! Imagine pulling up to your house every day and seeing a house that looks brand new. A fresh coat of paint can place your whole house in a different light!

Prevention of Insect Damage

A commonly overlooked task of an exterior paint job – prevention of insect damage – is best achieved with a new coat of paint. Peeling or cracked paint can leave doorways open for termites to burrow into your home’s siding. The damages caused by these insect invasions can be costly but preventing them is reasonable! A fresh coat of paint is small price to pay for the health of your home.

Protection Against the Elements

Weather can take its toll on your home. Between the high temperatures in the summer, harsh winters, and all of the months in between, your exterior paint job can take a hit. An updated paint job, applied by a professional, can help negate the damages caused be extreme weather and act as a protective shield for your home. On top of that, a new coat of paint can protect your home from becoming damp which could promote the growth of mold. Keep yourself and your house safe by investing in new exterior house paint!

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Improved Property Value

If you are considering placing your home on the market, a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference! While other renovations typically only offer a percent return on investment, a fresh coat of paint had an average return of 141 percent! When you think of it that way, exterior painting pays for itself!

Increased Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is different from both aesthetics and property value; so, while those can be a good indicator of curb appeal, it’s really all about setting the right tone for the first time a potential buyer sees your home. If a potential buyer likes the exterior of your home, they are much more likely to check out inside rather than passing on the home altogether. Keep in mind – the outside of your home is the first thing that a potential buyer sees, meaning it can be make or break for a sale.

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