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Are Your Walls Ready for a New Coat of Paint? Drywall Issues & More

Are Your Walls Ready for a New Coat of Paint? Drywall Issues & More

Published Date: December 12th, 2018 | Category: Interior Painting

If you’re considering interior house painting, then you’re no doubt unhappy with its current appearance. But have you noticed issues that run much deeper than a poor color choice? When there is significant damage to drywall, it can be immediately noticeable and can detract from the overall look of your home. At DuraPro Painting, as experts in interior house painting for Minnetonka and the surrounding areas, offer more than just a new coat of paint. We also offer drywall repair, light carpentry and other services for a comprehensive paint job that looks professional.DuraPro painting company Bloomington

When you hire a professional interior house painting company like ours, we can spot decay or rotting in the structure or walls of your home or business. If there is a structural weakness, significant impacts in the long term may emerge. You will want to have these issues resolved before having the painting job completed. So, let’s take a moment to discuss some of the issues that must be addressed before a new coat of paint is applied.

For one, if you have experienced any leaky pipes or other plumbing problems, your drywall could have been damaged. The moisture will erode the drywall and that can affect the paint on the walls. And that, in turn, will cause your paint not to last as long as it could. When our we come to your home, we will look out for signs of moisture issues.

A settling foundation is another occurrence that can cause drywall issues. The older your home gets, the more the foundation will settle. And that settling can cause stress crack in your drywall. The repairs are usually simple in nature, and our painting company can take care of these repairs during your interior house painting.

Have you noticed a few dents in your walls? Drywall is sometimes relatively thin, so even if you only bump into it slightly, you can leave a dent. One or two small dents are easily overlooked, but they can start to build up over time. Repairing these dents is also an easy process that our painting company can handle.

We can help prepare your home for its fresh coat of paint by making repairs, power washing and more. Our goal is to provide you with a superior interior house painting job. We are professional, experienced and well trained, so you are sure to find just what you need when you call us.

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