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A Color Above: Top Interior House Painting Trends for 2018

A Color Above: Top Interior House Painting Trends for 2018

Published Date: November 26th, 2017 | Category: Interior Painting

Winter is coming, so that means it is a great time to look into interior house painting projects. Maybe your living room could use some freshening up, or maybe you want to give your dining room or guest room a new look before visitors arrive this holiday season. As the choice company in interior house painting for Edina and the surrounding areas, we have put together some of the top trends in paint for 2018.

Relaxing Blue Hues
A huge trend this year will be calming shades of blue. Create a tech-free oasis, where you actually find a little relief from the constant flow of information to unplug and relax. Choose blue for the bedroom, study, sunroom and more.

Statement-Making Shades
How about black? 2018 is totally ready for this sleek, statement-making trend. Treat it as a neutral and use it to complement nearly any theme or color palette. It looks fantastic in the library or study for a unique, artistic look that offers instant charm and elegance.

Low VOC Paint
Interior House Painting EdinaWith a constant, ever-growing awareness of what we put in our home and in our bodies, low-VOC paint continues to grow in popularity. VOC stands for “volatile organic compounds.” In regards to paint, they are found in the solvent, which is what keeps the paint from drying when it is still in the can. When the paint is applied to walls or another surface, the VOCs evaporate into the air and the paint dries. Some VOCs can cause more damage than others, so it is important to try to limit the amount of VOCs that are dispersed into the air during an interior painting project. You could save you and your family a lot of potential health issues if you buy paint that has little to no VOCs. And, low-VOC paint is comparable in price.

Also, low VOC paint is great for winter interior painting projects when you can’t open a window to ventilate the room.

Chic Pastels
According to Sherwin-Williams, soft, washed pastels like mint greens and chic pinks will take on simple modern design in the coming year. And, this trend looks great in literally any room in the home!

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